A historical hotel
in central Malmö

Experience 700 years of history

Mayfair Hotel Tunneln is an award winning hotel situated right in the heart of Malmö! There has been a hotel here for 100 years, but the history of the building goes back much further in time. The cozy cellar vaults, where the delicious breakfast buffet is now served, were in use already in 1307.

Through the decades both Danish and Swedish kings have been guests in the building which also used to be the residence of the governor of Malmö.

If only the walls could talk…

Our rooms

Our comportable rooms

All of our rooms are individually decorated in classical style with modern comfort. In our rooms history and modern comfort live in perfect harmony.
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Restaurang QUE

Here at Mayfair hotel Tunneln, we have 1 restaurant in-house, it is individually owned and operated by Quan Phams, Serving dishes of high international standard.
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Rich in culture

We would love to share that joy with our guests, and we have therefore placed some of our paintings and sculptures at the hotel.
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